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The Club is a beautiful rustic facility located in a quiet wooded area of Mountain Lakes

Park Lakes offers year round racquet sports for one membership fee.  You can play tennis on one of our five red clay courts from May to November and play on one of our three paddle tennis courts year-round including lighted for evening play.

Red Clay tennis surface provides a challenge for the beginner through professional player.  A surface fast enough to be competitive and slow enough to demand consistency.  The surface is easy on your body, especially your legs, during those hot summer days.  Traditionally, a clay surface will allow you to play longer and at a higher quality of tennis.

Platform Tennis can be played year-round both during the day and at night under the lights.  This sport is especially popular during the winter season.  You can stay in tennis shape all year long while enjoying the great outdoors.

Our Inter-club Women's and Men's Tennis and Paddle Teams play throughout the season and are fun and competitive.  The Club supports cost for the league play.

There are periodic Tennis Socials provided by the Club throughout the season that include food, beverage, and round robin play with fun prizes.

There are times set aside for open, mixed, play we call Scrambles.  Scrambles allow all players an opportunity to play tennis during the designated hours while on designated courts.  It's a great way to meet fellow members and a great way to ensure that you will always have a chance to play - even if you came by yourself.

Park Lakes has recently Improved the facility and upgraded the court playing surfaces for all courts.

We provide a complete Club Directory of all current members including club rules, policies, important dates, and more.


The facilities at Park Lakes include plenty of parking, bathrooms, viewing platform, modest clubhouse with a deck for viewing the paddle courts and for parties.

History of the Club

During 1940, fourteen members of the Lake Arrowhead Tennis Club decided to expand its facilities and bought land from the Park Lakes Land Company.  With financial and physical help from these fourteen "Founder Members", plus many tennis enthusiasts and the Mountain Lakes Borough Crew working nights and weekends, four tennis courts were completed and put in play during the summer of 1941.  there were times during the years of World War II that the membership was small and only two courts were maintained.

Our current shower and lavatory facilities were constructed in 1952.  The platform tennis (paddle) courts were added in 1969.  In 1996, a third paddle court was added.  We have come a long way since 1940, with a current membership of over 100 players.

The original founders were:

  1. C. F. Carpenter
  2. R. S. Cleaver
  3. T. J. Cooney
  4. C. F. Curran
  5. G. M. Fiedler
  6. C. Froude
  7. W. Haines
  8. C. D. Hanscom
  9. C. H. Hyson
  10. C. P. Igleheart
  11. F. C. Kelly
  12. J. H. Kinghorn
  13. G. G. Langdon
  14. C. N. Nebel

Past Presidents of the Club

A list of past presidents is as follows:

G. M. Fiedler1940-45
C. H. Hyson1946
Zahma Haynes1947
E. P. Haynes1948
L. P. Christensen1949-50
D. B. Stewart1951-52
F. P. Schwartz1953
C. N. Nebel1954-56
M. A. Pollock1957-58
B. W. Thomas1959
G. Hull1960
M. L. Doublier1961-62
B. W. Thomas1963
R. W. Streich1964-65
D. C. Christensen1966-67
W. C. Bradford1968
B. J. Pendleton1969
R. D. Prescott1970
M. G. Herold1971-72
F. P. Eaton1973-74
P. Babcock1975
B. J. Pendleton1976-77
J. A. Van Amerongen1978-79
John Bumiller1980
Richard K. Feeley1981-82
Robert H. Andersonl983-84
Ralph S. Attanasio1985-86
Knight Fee1987
Kathy Anderson1988
Edwin Kintner1989
Bruce Cassella1990
Jane Ingrey1991
Peter McCormick1992-93
Penny Hoadley1994
Jay Grant1995
John Babcock1996
Frank Owens1997
Heide Wolf1998
Paul Deering1999-2000
Thomas Gilson2001
Ron Reagan2002
Milt Breenberg2003
Ted Gora2004
Jack Kahrs2005
Cathie Burgess2006-2007
Jesse Silva2008-2009
Marty Brown2010-2012
John Catlett2013-2015
Craig Marsden2016