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Club Entrance



Players shall wear appropriate attire and acceptable soft court shoes.


Players must enter their starting times on the sign-in board before entering the courts.  They may be asked to vacate if not properly signed in.

Court Maintenance

In order to maintain our courts in optimum condition, members are requested to brush their courts and clear the lines after playing, and if last person on courts before watering occurs.  Appropriate equipment shall be available on each court.


The courts open each day, weather permitting, at 8am.  Play will not commence before 8am and is FORBIDDEN when the courts are locked or not playable.  Play shall not commence until all lower courts are ready for play.  The court maintenance contractor shall have full authority for determining the playability of the courts.

The club tennis pro has priority on the Upper Court on non-holiday weekdays, and after 1pm on weekends and holidays.

Adult members have priority on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.  Adult members playing with their own children have equal priority with all-adult groups after 3pm on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Juniors must vacate the courts immediately to any waiting adults on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, and weekdays after 5pm.  Before 5pm on weekdays, juniors have the same privileges as adults, and must abide by the same playing rules as adults.

If players are waiting, singles or doubles will be restricted to one hour.  Court etiquette shall prevail at all times.

Use of ball machines is restricted to court 5 (Upper Court) and limited to ½ hour.



Appropriate clothing and footwear must be worn.


Players must enter their starting times on the sign-in board before entering the courts.  They may be asked to vacate the court if not properly signed in.


Paddle play is to be between the hours of 8 am and 10:30 pm.  Playing time is restricted to one hour if there are people waiting to play.  Lights are to be turned off at 10:30 pm.

Paddle Hut

Players using the courts/paddle hut are responsible for putting out the lights, turning off heaters and locking the paddle hut.  Please leave the courts, the porch and the hut clean and remove your trash.  The code combination can be obtained from any trustee.



Tennis and paddle facilities are maintained for the benefit and at the expense of dues paying members.  We welcome guests to introduce them to the courts and because we occasionally want to have non-member friends for special games or competitions.


A member must accompany guests.  Members are responsible for registering their guests in the guest book before play begins.  Guest books may be found near the sign-up boards or in the paddle hut.

The fee for guests is $10 per day.  A person may be a guest a maximum of five times (regardless of how many members invite the guest).

Fees may be deposited in the "Guest Fee Box" or, members may mail the fees to Park Lakes Tennis, PO Box 51, Mountain Lakes, NJ 07046.

Members who have chosen an "inactive" status may play a maximum of five times per season.  We do ask that you register as "inactive" in the back of the guest book each time you play.

Any alternative policy suggestions addressed to the board in writing will be promptly considered.


Announcement Boards

Team schedules shall be posted on the courtside board on the tennis deck and the website.  A current membership list, as well as other announcements shall be posted on the parking lot board.  These boards are for Park Lakes news only.

Club Appearance

Please help keep your Club neat and tidy.  Place your own litter, and used balls and cans, in the trash receptacles.  Pick up and dispose of trash you notice in the area.  The club will work most effectively if everyone volunteers to help.


For the benefit of the membership at large, please do not bring your pets to the Club unless you plan to leave them in your (well-ventilated) car.  Your cooperation is appreciated.


Smoking is not permitted in the paddle hut or other indoor facilities.  Please refrain from smoking on the tennis and paddle decks when other people are present.  Please also police your cigarette and cigar butts.